Malindy is an integration of our daughter's first and middle name, Madison Lyndi.  Inspired by her creativity and curious mind, we initially set out to teach her and our son the basics of business operations and to mimic their endless creativity to formulate beautiful and beneficial products.  

Now, three years since inception, through special requests and customer needs, we have formulated products that will address widely known consumer concerns.  We began with cold processed soap, and then created an all in one face mask, a menthol massage rub, and a face cream for all skin types. 


Not only are we able to offer our customers the purest and most natural products, but we can offer them at the lowest price.  The greatest reward since inception of Malindy, has definitely been our customer feedback and the impact that our products have made on their lives. These moments are invaluable and have truly brought us to tears.


In the end, Malindy has changed from just making products to ultimately making a difference.  From our heart to yours...Malindy.

We know you will love our products as much as we do. 

                 "Show Your Bare Beauty"