Looking for a different way to reveal the gender of your baby? We've got the perfect item for you. Simply place the gender bomb in a baby bathtub to reveal the gender-blue for boy and pink for girl. Each bomb comes packaged in a white sachet bag with a little poem. If you have a different poem you would like printed, we can do that too.

Purchase additional coordinating baby bombs for your guests for only $2 each. Baby bombs are made in the coordinating color and are packaged in a sealed box to give out to guests after the reveal.

Each kit includes 1 Gender Bomb, 1 poem, and 8 baby bombs to give to guests. Baby bombs come sealed in a separate box. Each baby bomb comes in its own white sachet bag. Gender bombs are intended for recreational purposes only. Baby bombs are safe to use as a traditional bath bombs and contain colors that are FDA approved.

Enclosed poem:

What started as a dream Between Daddy and me

The thoughts of the perfect family we would be

With your perfect eyes And ten little toes

Your beautiful smile

And cute button nose

You were loved

Long before conceived

The perfect dream

Between Daddy and me

Gender Reveal Bath Bomb Kit