This "Smasche" blanket was originally created as a baby teething blanket, but when we went to pick up our new puppy last year, we needed a new blanket for him. I had one of these and thought, that would be perfect for him to snuggle in and chew on.  We named him Ascher, and when he gets excited, he goes, "Smash, Smash!"  And that is how that Smasche blanket was created.  We now have a variety of teething toys for puppies including a puppy pacifier, various fruit shaped teethers for light chewers, and puppy pacifiers with a hole to put a treat in.  You will find that your puppy will always love this blanket even as he gets to become an adult.  This blanket has been a true security blanket for our Ascher, and will definitely do the same for your fur baby. 

Smasche Blanket