In a land far, far away, there lives a magical unicorn. On our many journeys far and wide, Malindy discovered a beautiful unicorn that promised to yield beautiful treasures to children all over the world if fed cotton candy. Malindy searched far and wide to find the most prized cotton candy for this magical unicorn. After the unicorn ate the sweet and fluffy cotton candy, she pooped a large sweet smelling diamond.  Malindy placed the diamond in a bath of running water.  The smell of cotton candy loomed in the air, and bright colors appeared in the water. And then, behold, a beautiful ring appeared.


You too can discover a beautiful ring.  Each bath bomb is large enough for 2-3 baths if you remove it before it fully desolves.  This bathbomb is scented with a sweet and fruity "unicorn poop" scent.

Unicorn Poop Bomb with Ring